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Do you need car rental insurance when renting a car?

It is very essential to include car rental insurance when renting a car to get optimum protection. All car rental deals on Carsirent include basic CDW, however this does not cover everything and you should consider adding an insurance policy that suits you best. Insurance packages are available on for you to choose from, and will cost you less than by choosing to add an insurance package directly from the car rental company upon pick up. For the peace of mind, it is better to include all you need in insurance coverage to make sure you are safe and enjoy your ride properly.


What are car rental insurance types?

There are 5 types of car rental insurance packages including Liability coverage, CDW/LDW (Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver), Personal effects coverage, Personal accident insurance, and Full Protection.

Here is what to understand about each type:

Liability Coverage: In case of accident, this type of policy will allow you to cover the medical bill or repair bill of the other driver. However, if you own a vehicle, you might have sufficient liability to cover this and you may not need to buy this type of coverage. 

CDW/LDW (Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver): This type of insurance will cover the repair of your damaged car rental in case of an accident, but certain conditions may apply. For example, this policy will not cover damages caused by speeding or driving on unpaved roads and will not cover what they call "lost days", while the car rental is in the repair shop. 

Personal Effects Coverage: This type of insurance will help you cover the loss of personal belongings in case of damage or theft. A certain percentage of the value of the items will be calculated and reimbursed accordingly. 

Personal Accident Insurance: While this option will allow you to cover the medical bills of yourself and that of another passenger during an accident, your existing medical insurance may already cover that and you will not have to purchase this type of insurance. Check your medical policy and if it covers overseas medical expenses.  

Full Protection: With full protection/Comprehensive, you will be fully covered in situations including all the above mentioned scenarios. The Full protection policy will cover all theft, medical and damage costs in addition to the cost of roadside assistance such as towing. 

By renting a car with Carsirent you automatically receive basic insurance, and the option of purchasing a Full Protection policy is available on the website as well for a very affordable rate.


Why is adding an insurance important?

You can face unexpected costs during your trip because certain repair types and costs are not covered by the car hire company. With our Full Protection insurance policy you will be covered for out of pocket expenses when things go wrong. It is better to stay safe and secured by opting for a Full Protection Insurance, covering you in case of any kind of damage. 


Can you use credit card insurance to cover your hire car?

Depending on your credit card type and company, the insurance that comes along may cover part of your car hire. A few credit cards automatically offer primary coverage and others may cover the vehicle damage and damage to other vehicles. Before deciding on the insurance needed for your car hire, check carefully what your credit card may already include to avoid any unnecessary additional expenses. With your credit card insurance, personal medical insurance and own vehicle insurance policy, you might find yourself with adequate coverage for your car rental booking. Look out for the details of each policy before deciding on what to include with your car hire.


What happens in case of accidents? 

In case of accidents, the car rental company will immediately put the insurance policy you have paid for into action. In case the damage caused to both vehicles is not covered by your selected policy, you will be billed the required cost. However, if you have opted for a full coverage, you can rest assured that the car rental company will handle all related expenses.


Is Car Rental insurance included with the rental rate on

Basic car rental insurance is included with your rental rate on and full insurance is available as an add-on that you can choose to include upon completing your booking.


How much does it cost to purchase full car rental insurance on the website?

The cost of a full car rental insurance policy on the website is about USD 12.5 per day. 


What is cheaper, adding insurance at counter or online?

It is definitely cheaper to add your insurance policy through the website while you complete your car rental booking. Car rental counters offer more expensive packages that you will be obliged to include at last minute. 


How to get insurance claim? 

It's very simple to file a claim with the support of our 24 hour team to help guide you through the process. For Claims, you can contact us through a call, email, online chat and Whatsapp, and we will make sure to guide you with all that you need. 


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