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Terms And Conditions

Carsirent.com is the trading name of Vehitra Tech W.L.L., registered under the trade license number 093760-1 and located at the Falcon Tower in the Diplomatic Area. Our complete address is Office number 312, Building 60, Road 1701, Block 317, Manama, Bahrain

The Terms and Conditions that are stated below constitute our agreement with the renter for car rental, chauffeur services and airport transfers along with the privacy policies, security policies, Terms and Conditions mentioned on our website (www.carsirent.com). Hereafter, these would be referred to as “Our Terms”. Our terms shall apply to all contracts for the provision of our services to the exclusion of all other Terms and Conditions. The services initialed or signed for on any agreement shall be deemed conclusively with evidence of the renter’s acceptance of these Terms. In addition, the car hire that is selected (car rental, chauffeur drive or airport transfer) is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the car hire company and to the corresponding laws of the country and/or state in which the rental takes place. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the rental voucher as they differ from location to location.

By booking a car through our website the renter confirms to have read, understood and accepted the relevant Terms. In case of doubt or miscomprehension of any of the terms, please contact us and we would be glad to elaborate them.

Cars are booked by category and not by specific brands even if a particular brand is displayed on the site. The brand is displayed with “or similar” which means that either the displayed brand or a similar one of the same category will be provided at the rental desk.

The cars listed on the site are usually available and can be chosen by the renter. Those that are listed with an “on request” display require a confirmation from the car rental company. In this case, the confirmation will be sent to the renter once the car hire company confirms the availability of the car. Please note that there will be no contract for car hire at the price offered until the booking has been confirmed and the necessary payment is received. If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us.

The contract and the rental agreement will be with the lead driver/renter regardless of the payment being made by the renter or any third party. If a third party pays for a booking on behalf of the lead driver/renter they have no rights or benefits pursuant to the contract.

Accuracy of Information

Information on our website is intended to be as accurate as possible. Neither we nor our affiliates, suppliers or agents can be held responsible by the renter for any inaccuracy of information. It is solely the renter’s responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all the information provided on this website.

Documents required at the Pick-up Location

  • Copy of the rental voucher.
  • Copy of the driver’s photo ID (Original Passport).
  • Valid driver’s license held for atleast 1 year.
  • If the driver's license is not in the Roman alphabet then both the driver’s International Driving Permit along with the domestic license are required. Copies will not be accepted.

Conditions of rental

The renter’s voucher covers specifically what it contains in the text. Any additional services accepted and initialed by the renter (such as but not limited to additional insurance coverage, extra equipment, one way charges and others) at the time of pick up will solely be the renter’s responsibility.

It is the renter’s responsibility if the car is driven under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Full damages will be borne by the renter alone and the insurance will not cover them.

What is included in the rate?

Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions that are available on the site, the rate includes:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

Collision Damage Waiver reduces the renter's liability from the total cost of the damage to an excess amount where it is applicable. CDW covers liability for damage to the car or its parts. In most locations, windscreens, tyres, undercarriage, replacement locks, replacement keys and towing charges are not covered under the CDW policy. Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions once the car is chosen as they differ from one car rental provider to another.

TP (Theft Protection)

Theft Protection reduces the renter's liability in the event of theft, damage caused due to theft or attempted theft of the car to an excess amount where it is applicable. Negligence connected with the theft of or damage to the car may lead to the car hire company requiring the full amount for the cost of the car.


It is recommended to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before selecting the car. We also recommend the renter to check different suppliers before making a choice as Conditions with one could be more flexible than others even if the rate varies

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

This is an optional insurance that can be purchased at the counter when collecting the car.


The car is usually provided with a full tank and it is recommended to return the car with a full tank unless the car rental company has a different fuel policy. Please read the fuel policy in the Terms and Conditions.


An amount will be held on the renter’s credit card as a deposit when the car is collected. Deposit amounts depend on the supplier and the car category that is selected. This information is available under the Terms and Conditions before booking and would be on the rental voucher when a booking is made.

Opening Hours

Most airports are open 24/7 but arrangements would be made to collect and return the car. Airport deliveries might carry extra charges in some locations. Downtown locations are open during office hours designated by the car rental company.

Age Limitations

At most locations, the minimum hiring age is 21 years. Certain countries and certain car hire companies could charge additional fees for drivers whose age is either below 25 years or over 65 years. Minimum age requirements on larger cars may be different at some locations.

Additional Driver

Some rates include one free additional driver. In most cases, there is a charge for additional drivers so please check at the counter. Additional drivers must have a valid driving license.

The rate

For a car rental, a day is calculated as 24 hours, any fraction of a day will be charged as a full day. Chauffeur drive rates are calculated on hourly basis so check the Terms and Conditions for the number of hours because they differ from one supplier to another. Transfer rates are calculated on the basis of point to point without any stopovers.

The price of the car hire will be confirmed at the time of the booking and will be calculated on the basis of 24 hour units. If the renter wishes to extend the hiring period after the pick-up of the car or wishes to drop the car off later than stated on the voucher / eVoucher, the contract for such an extension would always be with the car hire company directly and the charges for the extra time will be charged by the car hire company at the local rate which may be higher than the rates agreed with us at the time of the booking.

Unutilized Days or Time

There will be no refund for unutilized days or time.

One Way Rentals (drop off at a different location)

One-way rentals must be confirmed in advance as it might be subject to one-way charge which is payable to the car rental company. Prior to the completion of the booking, the renter would be informed of the one way charge. In some cases, the charge for one way rental would be included in the rate.

Extra Equipment

Some of the extra equipment include Child seat/Infant seat/GPS/Roof rack/Snow chains. The rates are available in the Terms and Conditions. The renter is allowed to order the extra equipment online but their charges are to be paid directly to the car rental company. During specific seasons and in few cases, some extra equipment might not be available with few suppliers so we recommend to check with different suppliers at the time of booking.

Driving across Borders

Driving across borders to some countries may be restricted. Please check the Terms and Conditions for one way rentals for each car.

Cancellations and amendments

Cancellations and amendments are accepted up to 24 hours prior to the pick-up time. In case of no-show or cancellation within 24 hours before pick-up time, the renter will be charged with the full amount.

Rights of the car rental company

Car rental companies reserve the right to refuse a car to any person who is considered unfit to drive or does not meet the eligibility requirements. We will not be liable for the completion of travel arrangements, for any refund, compensation or any other costs the renter may have to pay in such a case.

Presentation of Complaints

The renter is required to report any issues immediately to the car rental company especially if the car is not fit to drive or if it is not in a good bodily or mechanical condition. In case the car rental company does not accept the complaints, we recommend to contact us at support@carsirent.com or call us for immediate actions on +973 17001550 / +973 343 19109.

Accidents and Breakdown

Regarding accidents and breakdowns, please call the car rental company where the car was picked up or on the number provided in the voucher.

Rental Contract

The voucher is only a proof of booking with all the Conditions. At the counter, the car rental company will issue a rental agreement. The renter is required to read and sign the agreement while making sure that it complies with the Terms on the voucher. The rental staff might try to sell additional services which are not required for the pick-up of the car but could be useful. Anything that is accepted to buy at the counter will be solely the renter’s responsibility and cannot be claimed back from us or from the car rental company. However the renter chooses to book, it is important to understand how and when a contract is formed. The technical steps required for a contract to be formed are as follows.

When we quote prices over the telephone or place our services on our website we are inviting renters to purchase our services. A renter will make an offer to purchase the services either verbally or by making the ‘Book Now’ selection. We would accept this offer once we make the voucher / eVoucher available to the renter and receive the necessary payment. We act as an agent between the renter and the car hire company through an agreement.

We are responsible for the losses a renter suffers as a result of us breaking this agreement if the losses are a foreseeable consequence of us breaking the agreement. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by both the renter and us at the time of our agreement. We are not responsible for the indirect losses which might take place as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not foreseeable by the renter and us. Nor are we liable for, without limitations, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill or consequential losses, damages and costs.

We are not be liable vicariously through the car hire companies for either any failure to perform or any delay in performing any of our obligations under or pursuant to booking, voucher / eVoucher, rental or Terms and Conditions. If our performance is delayed, hindered or prevented by any event beyond our control for more than 14 consecutive days we may terminate and withdraw this booking by giving 14 days’ notice to the renter's original billing address and refunding all amounts paid prior to the force majeure event.

We have the right to cancel a booking upon limited or immediate notice in certain circumstances, such as the insolvency of a car hire company. In all circumstances, we will use our reasonable endeavors to arrange for the supply of an alternative car, but at times of high demand it may not be possible. If we notify a customer who has made a fully pre-paid booking up to 48 hours before pick-up, the customer will receive a return of all the money that has been already paid. In an unlikely circumstance of notifying a fully pre-paid customer with a notice of cancellation within 48 hours of pick-up, we will provide a full refund and cover other foreseeable losses incurred by the customer as a consequence of us breaking the agreement. If we notify a customer who has made a deposit booking up to 7 days before pick-up, the customer will receive a return of all the money already paid. In an unlikely circumstance of notifying a deposit customer with a notice of cancellation within 7 days of the pick-up, we will provide a full refund and cover other foreseeable losses incurred by the customer as a consequence of us breaking the agreement.

Making Bookings and Purchasing or Requesting Products or Services

If the renter makes bookings, purchases or requests products/services described on this website, we (or our business partners) may ask the renter to provide certain data applicable to the booking or purchase – including, without limitation, credit card information and other personally identifiable data. We guarantee that any such data will be treated by us in the manner described in our privacy policy. All the data that is provided for this purpose should be accurate, current and complete. An agreement should be made that the renter would pay for all the charges incurred by the renter or any users of the given account, credit card or other payment mechanism at the rate(s) or price(s) in effect when such charges are incurred. The renter is also responsible for paying any applicable taxes relating to the purchases.

Verification of the submitted data may be required prior to our acceptance of any booking, purchase or order. Except as otherwise required by law or as otherwise stated by us, price, rate and availability of products/services are subject to change without notice. The renter should acknowledge that bookings, purchases and services are subject to additional Terms & Conditions imposed by us or by the car hire company which supplies the car.

Website Conditions of Use

It is prohibited for anyone to use any device/software program to directly or indirectly interface, or attempt to interface with this website to retrieve content and/or any other data, including the prices. It is also prohibited to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal working of our website. Any activity that places undue load or stress on our systems will be terminated. We constantly monitor everyone accessing our website and the activities of any automated systems or persons conducting an unreasonable amount of searches with the aim of accessing information and/or prices will be terminated and those systems/persons will be blocked from our website. Using our website indicates that the renter has agreed to be bound to the Conditions of use.

Price Miscalculation

Errors may occur very rarely where online routes and quotes are calculated incorrectly. Should this issue arise and we see the quote to be clearly incorrect due to a miscalculation, CARSiRENT maintains the right to send a correct quote and/or cancel orders placed at the incorrect price. If the order has been confirmed and paid for with a card, CARSiRENT will refund the amount in full according to the customer’s wish to re-book and charge for the correct agreed amount. In the first instance, CARSiRENT will contact the renter to explain if an error of this nature occurs.

Data Protection

By using this site, the renter accepts the terms of our privacy policy

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