Travel Istanbul: Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey Istanbul This Summer
Top 10 places to visit in Istanbul

Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey, Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the world’s most spectacular cities as it is abundantly disseminating itself with splendid fragments of its long and eminent history. The sightseeing is pure magic and here we list Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey, Istanbul.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey Istanbul

1. Hagia Sophia:

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul


This museum which was once a Greek Orthodox Church and an Imperial Mosque is an architectural beauty. It is placed on top in our list of the top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul due to its most prominent memorials and the antiquity of architecture.

Hagia Sophia was built in a remarkably short time of six years and has been known as the eighth wonder of the world. Therefore, this sensational museum is a certain place to visit on your trip to Istanbul.


2. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Top 10 places to visit in turkey Istanbul
Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul


The Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is also known as the Blue Mosque is a historic beauty. It is one of the Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey Istanbul.

It is one of the most impressive monuments in the world due to its blue tiles surrounding the walls of the interior design of the space.

Nevertheless, apart from being a tourist attraction, it is also an active mosque that dominates Istanbul’s majestic skyline. The mosque remains closed for about half an hour during the daily prayer timings.


3. Dolmabahçe Palace

top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul
Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul


The Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most visited places of Istanbul as it was home to sultans from 1856 to 1922. It entails of three main segments that are the Administrative apartments, Ceremonial Hall, and Imperial. Without a doubt, this historic monument is one of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.

In addition, there are two massive gates giving admittance to the main garden of the administrative part. But currently only one is open. This palace which rises two floors high has a special place in the hearts of modern-day Turks.


4. Topkapi Palace

top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul
Topkapi Palace, Istanbul


One of the biggest and most popular sites in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. The unique word, Topkapi, means ‘Gate of Cannons’ in Turkish.

There are many gardens and squares that surround the Palace which makes it even more exciting to explore. A visit to the Palace A visit to the palace’s pavilions and jewel-filled treasury gives a fascinating glimpse into the Ottoman empire. It takes around half a day for a well-interested visitor.

The palace contains four courtyards and each courtyard reveals a lot about the significant history of Istanbul. Furthermore, the Palace also contains beautiful mosques and cafeteria to keep you hydrated throughout your visit. This enormous palace is of great interest to tourists making it into the list of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


5. Galata Tower


Galata Tower has been dominating the Beyoglu’s skyline since 1348 and still offers the best panoramic view. The panorama balcony that surrounds the highest row of windows is narrow, exposed to the climate, and not recommended for anyone suffering from acrophobia.

Moreover, the medieval Galata Tower enhances a fairy-tale component to the hilly Beyoğlu district on the north side of the Golden Horn. This remarkable landmark was built in 500 A.D. and was used as a watchtower to help defend the city.

Therefore, visit the open-air observation zone at the top for a spectacular panorama across to Sultanahmet, have dinner at the tower-top restaurant or view a Turkish belly-dancing show at the nightclub. Galata Tower has definitely earned its place in the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


6. Grand Bazaar


The Grand Bazaar resides in the heart of Istanbul and is a colorful market infused with tradition and culture. Initially, it started as a small bazaar and became a warehouse of the Mehmet the Conqueror in 1461. Today, it’s a heaven for shoppers with its traditional shops and goods.

Make sure to glance through the entrance ways to learn more about the unseen and stride down the slim paths to watch the artisans at work.

Additionally, it becomes mandatory to have loads of tea, compare the prices and also develop the art of bargaining. Visitors are recommended to spend three hours or more at this significant site that is filled with incredible history. Without a doubt, it is one of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


7. Suleymaniye Mosque

top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul
Süleymaniye Mosque


The Süleymaniye provides a momentous for Istanbul as it governs the Golden Horn. It is definitely a stunning Ottoman mosque that offers beautiful views of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus.

Moreover, we recommend that visitors walk to the northwest side of the mosque on Şifahane Sokak to see the most of Süleymaniye’s splendor. Therefore, it’s simple yet elegant decorations list Süleymaniye into the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


8. Spice Bazaar

top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul
Spice Bazaar, Istanbul


Intensely colorful spices are kept on display alongside jewel-like lokum at this Ottoman-era marketplace. It provides a wonderful sight for thousands of tourists and locals who visit the Spice Bazaar.

On the west side of the market, there are outdoor produce stalls selling fresh food from all over Anatolia with a delightful assortment of cheese. Caviar, dried herbs, honey, nuts and dried fruits are few of the things that are displayed on the stands in the market.

Moreover, it is a prodigious place to stock up on appetizing mementos, share a few jokes with vendors and whiz at the fresh-looking structure. You can also visit Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, a well-known coffee provider in Istanbul that came into the market over 100 years ago. Therefore, it surely is one of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


9. Basilica Cistern

top 10 places to visit in turkey ista
Basilica Cistern, Istanbul


This spectacular structure was built by Emperor Justinian in 532 A.D. It is the prime surviving Byzantine cistern in İstanbul. It came into existence by means of 336 columns, many of which were retrieved from derelict temples and fine featured carved capitals.

Furthermore, its symmetry and absolute magnificence of conception are quite incredible. It’s unusual history and its resounding depths make a prodigious retreat on summer days. Therefore, it is one of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


10.  Maiden’s Tower

top 10 places to visit in turkey istanbul
The Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul


The Maiden’s Tower locates itself 150-200 meters off the shore of the Salacak district in Üsküdar where the Marmara Sea meets the Bosphorus.

Today, the Maiden’s Tower is a sensational restaurant and cafeteria-bar. It also offers 360-degree views of the Bosphorus and the old city, especially at night.

Furthermore, there are numerous shuttle boats going to the tower at certain times from Kabatas neighborhood and from Salacak neighborhood. It’s also a popular home for summer time wedding ceremony making it into the list of the Top 10 places to visit in Turkey Istanbul.


In summary, Istanbul is the absolute accumulation of heavenly views, exotic cuisines as well as tradition and colors. In other words, Istanbul is a never-ending feast for the eyes that you can not miss out. To catch up on the Top 10 best places to visit in Istanbul.


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