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Car Rental 101: Top 10 Car Rental Tips and Tricks

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Although many cities today have numerous public transportation options such as buses, trains, and subways; their schedules or station locations may not be very suitable for your agenda. Whether traveling for leisure or business, you may find that renting a car would be more convenient during your stay.  However, make sure to check this list of top 10 car rental tips and tricks for an efficient and stress free process.

Car Rental 101: Top 10 Car Rental Tips and Tricks

1- Use an online car rental platform

When using an online car rental platform you have the opportunity to browse cars from hundreds of major car rental companies worldwide. Providing you with the cars available within your set destination, category and budget, you will be saving yourself the time and hassle of comparing each car rental company website. A car rental platform will constantly provide discounts and hot deals, therefore make sure to look out for any special offers happening. For its competitive prices and friendly user website, make sure to check out on your next car rental escapade!


2- Avoid picking up your car from the airport

Just like with airfare, certain factors can affect car rental rates. As a matter of fact, the pickup location being the airport is one major rate increase cause. Airport fees are implied on your car deal, hence, avoid them by picking up your car at a local car rental office in the city or by getting it dropped off to you at your hotel. To learn how to save more on car rental, make sure to check out this article.

3- Photograph your car

Upon receiving your car, the company clerk will inspect the vehicle and mark any existing dents or scratches. One of the best car rental tips and tricks would be to photograph the car yourself from all sides saving the photos as evidence to avoid any disappointing issues upon returning the car. This is not only an advice, it’s one of the best car rental tips and tricks. If you are confused about which car to chose for your next rental, this post would help.

4- Fill up your tank

If you did not already know, the car rental company will charge you for the consumed fuel. One of the many great car rental tips and tricks is to return your car with the same amount of fuel when received. You will surely end up with a bigger bill than expected if you decide to return the car with an emptier tank. Fill your tank at a local gas station but avoid the stations close by to the airport; they too benefit off higher fuel rates from car renters on their way to the airport.

5- Check for  Mileage

Read your rental terms and conditions carefully always. If you have an exciting road trip on mind, make sure your car includes “unlimited mileage” when booking. However, of a good deal you might have found, this feature is often unnoticed. Avoid the disappointment by going through all the details.

6- Go for weekend and weekly packages

It would be wise for you to opt for a weekend or a weekly package from your car provider. Most of them offer better rates when renting a vehicle for more than 3 days rather than on a daily base.

7- Book early

An early bird is always the smart way to go. Rates depend on how many vehicles the company has available at the time the rental is made, so the sooner the better! Reserve your car at least a few weeks in advance to benefit from great discounts. For details, find out more about Is it Better to reserve a rental car in advance?

8- Save by getting your own

Additional accessories such as a child car seat, a navigation system and others highly effect your daily car rental rate. For instance, a child seat could cost you about 10$ daily which for a weeklong family vacation may tack a significant amount onto your car rental expenses. Therefore, if possible and you do prefer to save on little here and there, get your own necessities.

9- Check your own insurance policy

Most vehicle insurance policies already include some sort of rental car insurance coverage, so if you sign up for the full rental car policy, you’re paying extra when you may not have to. Check with your current insurance company on what is covered and accordingly decide on what to add on your rental package. Additionally, if you pay for a rental car with a major credit card, there’s a good chance that the card issuer offers secondary car rental insurance at no charge. Check with them as well!

10- Join the club

To conclude our top 10 car rental tips and tricks we suggest that if you are a frequent renter, save money with certain benefits by becoming a member or subscriber to car rental clubs and online portals.

If this is your first-time car rental, there are things you should know. Get introduced to them here.

Now that you’ve read our top 10 car rental tips and tricks don’t forget to relax and enjoy the drive!


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car rental tips and tricks

car rental tips and tricks

car rental tips and tricks



  1. I like that you talked about how you can book your rental car early to get the best possible rates and discounts. My brother is planning a birthday treat for her girlfriend. He’s planning to surprise her by having someone fetch her from work to the date location. For me, renting a beautiful car will add more drama to his plan and will excite her girlfriend more with what she can expect. Budget is undeniably one of the things that my brother is thinking of, so it will make sense to book early to grab early bird discounts. I will make sure to share your blog with him.

    1. Hi Madison. Thanks for your reply.
      We can’t agree more. Renting a beautiful exotic car would be such a great surprise for your brother’s birthday.
      If he’s actually interested in that, we would love to give him a good discount on his rental 😉 Let him reach out on the chat at and we will take a good care of him! 😀
      Don’t forget to update us Madison 😉
      xoxo <3 <3

  2. This is a great article for car rental. Your article in all tip most of the important and informative for the people. When buying a rental car then every people should cheek mailage. Thank you for shear a helpful and informative article.

  3. I agree with the fact that we should go online and do some research work on the different car rental companies. We can compare the website of different car rental companies and could compare the price of hiring of a rental car and also could compare the discount associated provided by various car rental companies. By doing so, we can hire a car at an affordable price from a reliable rental company. I am planning a trip to the Iceland and this website provides some important information about hiring a car.

  4. Thank you for the post on the top 10 car rental tips. I had no idea that picking up a car from the airport would be more expensive due to airport fees. I will have to look for a vehicle rental place near enough to walk to on my next trip, Thank you again for the information.

    1. Hi Jaque, Thanks for commenting!
      you’re most welcome.We are glad that you have benefited from the information on our website 😉
      if you require any further help for you next trip please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

    1. Hello Rental Mobile Bandung,
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