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5 Unusual Things to Do in London

Have you ever heard the saying that “when a man is tired of London he’s as good as tired of life? This is because London City offers virtually inexhaustible fun stuff and attractions, plus unusual things to do in London. We will present you with five of those numerous unique things you can entertain yourself…
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What You Need to Know about Car Rental in London

You don’t need anybody to drive you to your hotel and just anywhere you’re going once you opt for car rental in London. It’s a better way to get around than using public transport. In addition, when you rent a car, you can also go to nearby places outside of London – whether on a…
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10 best places for arabs to eat in London

One of the world’s greatest and most visited cities, London not only offers the best tourism and sight-seeing experiences, but also boasts one of the most diverse and exciting range of eateries in the world. The so called “food capital of the world” unites cuisines of all ethnicities, celebrating a unique melting-pot of beautiful cultures.…
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