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Renting a Car in Spain – Tips & Tricks

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Renting a Car in Spain is one of the amazing ideas. Being a stranger in a strange land. Is an experience that can be absolutely terrifying. Finding yourself in a city or country. In which you’re a visitor presents challenges. That often times we don’t even consider as part of our every day lives. So frequently we find that many of our day-to-day luxuries. That we take for granted have a tremendous impact. On our quality of life.

It can be difficult enough trying to decide what to do or where to go. Whenever you’re visiting a new location. Regardless of whether its for work or for fun. This is all beside the issue that you absolutely must rent a car. If you hope to get outside of the major metropolitan areas. And explore the villages and locations. That might be off of the more established roads. If you’re going to visit Spain and get a sense for the country. Outside of the big city. You will need to rent a car.

Renting a Car in Spain Top Tips & Tricks

renting a car in spain tips and tricks

1-International Driver’s License

There’s one incredibly important tip for renting a car in Spain. Although this particular tip should seem incredibly obvious. Sometimes the things we take for granted are easy to forget. If you’re visiting Spain. You will at an absolute minimum. be required to have a valid passport. as well as a driver’s license. if you want to have any hope whatsoever. of hitting the open roads of Spain. to visit the tiny villages that are off of the well beaten path.

While these documents. are often enough to let you hit the road. it is recommended that you acquire an international driver’s license.

While you might be able to skirt by without it. if you are going to take the time to plan a trip to Spain. you do not want your trip to be inconvenienced. or even ruined by poor preparation. It doesn’t pay to take chances. and an International Driver’s License will ensure that you will be able to rent. and operate a car legally while visiting Spain.

2- Inspect Your Rental Vehicle Before Taking Posession

Here’s another tip that should probably be familiar. To those that have ever rented a vehicle before. but regardless this is one tip that should absolutely not be ignored.

Inspect the vehicle for any bumps, dents, or scratches. that you might get charged for if you do not get the rental agency to acknowledge. the damage before you take possession of the vehicle.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. and a simple once-over the vehicle before you get behind the wheel. can save you both time and money. As excited as you almost certainly will be to hop in and take off. remembering. to inspect the vehicle might salvage your trip from imminent doom.

Renting a car in Spain

3- Learn the Laws that Govern Driving in Spain

Next, try and be familiar with the rules of the road. This is a critical tip for renting a car in Spain. It only makes sense that you should absolutely know the laws. that will affect you while you’re visiting- you are a guest in Spain. please be respectful of their laws and customs.

For example, some drivers might be unfamiliar with roundabouts. this can present a challenge. as roundabouts have replaced many four-way stops across Spain.

Be sure to read up on these. Perhaps even watching a video or two. To ensure your familiarity with how they work. Additionally, don’t be afraid to take a toll-road. You might spend a little more. But it’s likely to save you some of your valuable vacation time. by providing a more direct orute to your destination.

As well as by allowing you to drive on a road that may be more well maintained.

4-If You Don’t Already Know How

Learn to Drive a Manual Transmission. Although manual transmissions have become something of a rarity. They’re still quite common in Spain. common enough that you should expect to pay a premium. To get an automatic transmission instead of a manual.

If you’re comfortable driving stick. This is likely a benefit to you as this means that you can save some money. By renting a vehicle with a manual transmission. If however, you have only ever driven an automatic. Your vacation seems like a terrible time to try and learn. Don’t endanger your vacation by trying to save a few bucks. Driving manual is nothing like driving an automatic!

Your vacation should be enjoyable. It should be a time to relax de-stress. and enjoy yourself. If you want to leave the major cities at all. You’ll need to be able to rent, and operate, a vehicle. Taking the time to learn some of these basic tips for renting a car in Spain. You’ll likely make your trip much more enjoyable.

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