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car rental hacks

Car Rental Hacks

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The best way to get around and fully explore your travel destination is to rent a car. It helps avoid any inconvenience you might face, such as getting into overcrowded buses or complying by someone else’s schedule. Note that it is not harder than any other form of travel so don’t be frightened by the process. Not only is it a great option for those traveling on a budget but it is a great way to create lots of memories. In order to help you plan your journey and save your time, we have compiled a few car rental hacks just for you.

Top Car Rental Hacks

1. Plan and Book early:

It is common for prices for car rental to increase as you get closer to your traveling date. This is true especially during public holidays or summer vacation. In order to save money and get the best possible rates, booking your car in advance is the best car rental hack. This also means that you will have a wide range of cars to choose from.

2. Book under the Driver’s name:

If you are traveling in a group, it is recommended to book the car in the name of the person who would be driving the car. It is also advisable to reserve with a credit card under the driver’s name. Some car rental agencies might be flexible but it is always better to avoid the hassle. In addition, this car rental hack is very useful especially if you are pre-paying for your reservation and locking in a discounted rate.

3. Check the location:

Most of the car rental agencies are usually located at the airport itself. However, some would require you to walk a substantial distance or take a taxi to get to the agency. It should also be noted that some agencies may have their location as an airport pickup but be actually located some distance away. Therefore, this is one of the car rental hacks that comes in handy as to avoid any bombshells.

4. Pack the necessities:

If you are planning to use your phone to listen to music or as a GPS, it is beneficial to pack and carry a car charger and a USB cable. Consequently, this car rental hack helps you get rid of the difficulty of looking for these necessities at your destination or buying them at the car rental agency.
Take pictures: It is important to circle the car with your camera and take photos of any damage before you leave the car rental agency. If your camera has the option, mark the photos with the time and date, or upload them to somewhere online that lists the time and date. You can also have a staff member walk around the car with you to check any damage on the car. Make sure to take photos of the marks on the car, no matter how small they are. Ultimately, this car rental hack helps you avoid any unpleasant surprises when returning the vehicle.
Fill the tank: If you forget to fill up the tank before returning it, be sure to pay a fortune to the car rental agency. Though these rental companies are not all the same, it is a usual practice for them to charge double the regular pump price. It is also important to keep the receipt with you. In case of any dispute, the receipt can be used as an evidence that you filled the car up. Henceforth, this car rental hack along with the first car rental hack helps you save a lot of money.
Email confirmation: If you cancel a booking, make sure that you receive an email confirmation. Some agencies might say that they have cancelled your booking and promise you a refund. However, it is mandatory that you receive an email confirmation as an evidence in case of any dispute.
In summary, renting a car is always an exciting option as it is flexible and can really make your trip. Nevertheless, it is a necessity to keep some car rental hacks in mind which could save your time and money considerably.

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